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Even as internet fraud escalates, your customers expect that you offer a secure environment for them. If you fail to give them that and a phishing attack or identity theft succeeds, your reputation can take a nasty hit.

SSL or Secure Socket Layers certificates - the technology that activates the yellow padlock or green address bar - are essential for e-commerce websites. They give customers protection they can trust. We offer those certificates at very competitive prices, and provide three types:

  • Domain validated - a basic certificate
  • Organisation validated - a standard certificate
  • Extended validation - an advanced certificate

Each type is available as standard (for a single domain and its sub-domains), Wildcard SSL (allowing extended types of sub-domains with the format or Unified Communications SSL (for multiple domains).

With a Gigavine Domain SSL you know you have future-proof 2048-bit SSL security. When you need a certificate, we can issue them rapidly - just get in contact with us.