If you're developing materials for a foreign market it's crucial you test them to ensure they're appropriate for the culture you're entering.

We can provide detailed feedback and recommendations from a local, cultural and creative perspective. We'll advise on the appropriateness of the text and imagery from a political, social, ethnic or gender specific point of view, and highlight any issues that arise.

Our cultural consultancy services include:

  • Concept testing - providing structured feedback on product names, slogans and straplines
  • Language technology - helping you choose which specific technology, such as author memory or machine translation, is the right option for you
  • Language specifics - giving expert input on regional variations, such as the differences between European and South American Spanish, and different writing systems, supported by a multilingual font library

Reducing the risk of global product launches
Our cultural assessment service involves evaluating your product before launch to identify any barriers to its success. Our assessments are extremely thorough and comprise several different and complementary elements:

  • Analysis of the product from the cultural point of view to uncover historical, social
    or commercial conflicts
  • In-country focus groups
  • Brand polling to measure the suitability of your brand/product in the target market
  • Brand perception testing to identify unwanted associations that your imagery, colours, etc, may have

We would always recommend undertaking a cultural assessment before you begin
a product launch.