At Gigavine we genuinely believe it's possible to do business in a principled way; in fact we believe this can make a business more effective.

We build our values into the way we work. They are not just a matter of presentation, they go to the heart of how we work, why we work and what we create. They are:

  • Passion
    Our work really matters to us.
  • Integrity
    It's essential to be honest, ethical and reliable.
  • Efficiency
    We don't like to waste anyone's time.
  • Diversity
    Difference makes the world richer, and our work better.
  • Teamwork
    When we work together we're greater than the sum of our parts.
  • Sustainability
    We intend to pass on a flourishing world to our children.

We care about the impact and quality of what we do. Our values are here to help us attain the highest possible performance for the sake of our clients, their customers, and ourselves.

We are serious about achieving environmentally sustainable development and have established our own company environmental policy with the aim of:

  • reducing waste
  • promoting recycling
  • sourcing renewable resources
  • mitigating our carbon footprint by achieving a carbon neutral/positive state